Collage Concert

Hosted by NJVID

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173 students and 13 faculty members perform a variety of musical selections Рfrom jazz to classical music Рduring a benefit concert for William Paterson University’s scholarship fund. Includes a special appearance by former New York Yankee baseball player Bernie Williams performing guitar with the William Paterson University Jazz Ensemble.

Date Created: April 30, 2011

Carol Frierson-Campbell – Speaker
Carl Bolleia – Speaker
Stephan Bryant – Musician
Warren Helms – Musician
Karen Demsey – Musician
Payton MacDonald – Musician
David Demsey – Musician
Nadya Kourani – Musician
Zachary Gillespie – Musician
Bernie Williams – Musician

Sponsor: Music Department

Duration: 01:48:29 [hh:mm:ss]

Language: English

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