Music Management Seminar :: Danny Goldberg

Hosted by NJVID

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This seminar covers Danny Goldberg’s vast professional background and experiences leading up to his book “Bumping into Geniuses.” He discusses what he looks for in an artist; his relationship with Led Zeppelin; why he decided to write the book; his college experience and first job as a trade journalist; the power of the artist in the music business; the inspiration for the book’s title; his mentors; his documentary film NO NUKES; his biggest accomplishment; his impressions of Kurt Cobain; how to break into the industry; Woodstock; the role of record labels; 360 deals; and upcoming artists.

Complete Program Title: Music Management Seminar with Steve Leeds and Danny Goldberg, author of “Bumping into Geniuses”

Series: Music Management Seminar

Date Created: March 10, 2009

Danny Goldberg – Interviewee
Steve Leeds – Interviewer
Lindsay Tierstein – Camera Operator
Peter Cannarozzi – Director
Ted Clancy – Audio Operator
Jim Snarski – Editor
Patrick Ryan – Producer
Steve Marcone – Series Producer

Producer: Department of Instruction and Research Technology. Broadcast, Production and Support Division

Duration: 01:21:27 [hh:mm:ss]

Language: English

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