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A presentation covering the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Questions that are addressed include: Can peace be justly achieved between the Arabs and Israelis? What role must the two parties play? What is the United States’ role in the conflict? What are the reasons for the intractable nature of the conflict? What is the approach to peace that has been undertaken thus far? What is the situation inside Israel, Palestine and the Arab world that has made achieving peace an increasingly daunting prospect? Which positive changes have occurred recently?

Complete Program Title: Rashid Khalidi: Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies at Columbia University Speaking on Prospects for Peace in Palestine

Series: Gandhian Forum

Date Created: March 2, 2011

Edward B. Weil – Introduction
Steve Shalom – Host
Rashid Khalidi – Speaker

Sponsor: Gandhian Forum for Peace and Justice

Duration: 01:21:30 [hh:mm:ss]

Language: English

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