The Coloring of American Sport :: Part 1

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Teleconference of short, successive discussions exploring race relations, civil rights, economic disparities and political developments in American sports. First, Professor Arnold Rampersad, author of Jackie Robinson: A Biography, talks about Robinson’s historical and cultural significance. Second, Professor Joseph T. Moore, author of Pride Against Prejudice: the Biography of Larry Doby, discusses similarities and differences between the lives of Jackie Robinson and Larry Doby. Next, Professor C. Keith Harrison of the University of Michigan discusses similarities between Paul Robeson and Jackie Robinson, and critiques their cultural construction as diametric racial symbols. After that, Professor Samuel O. Regalado, author of Viva Baseball: Latin Major Leaguers and their Special Hunger, explains how Jackie Robinson’s breakthrough into baseball’s major league helped Latino athletes make similar breakthroughs. Finally, Professor Jules Tygiel, author of Baseball’s Great Experiment: Jackie Robinson and His Legacy, puts baseball’s Negro leagues and Jackie Robinson’s breakthrough into historical context.

Complete Program Title: The Coloring of American Sport: Black and Latino Athletes in the Twentieth Century. Pt. 1 of 3

Date Created: February 25, 2000

Thomas Jable – Organizer
Jeffrey T. Sammons (Jeffrey Thomas), 1949- – Speaker
Arnold Rampersad – Speaker
Joseph Thomas Moore – Speaker
C. Keith Harrison – Speaker
Samuel O. Regalado (Samuel Octavio), 1953- – Speaker
Jules Tygiel – Speaker

Producer: Department of Instruction and Research Technology. Broadcast, Production and Support Division

Department of Exercise and Movement Sciences
History Department
Department of Africana-World Studies
Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center

Duration: 01:20:39 [hh:mm:ss]

Language: English

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