Symposium :: The Hooters

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Symposium event with music band The Hooters. Program includes musical performances and discussion of issues related to the music industry: the origins and history of the band; the role regional media played in the band’s success; their professional relationship with Cindi Lauper; technology’s effect on music making; the origin of the band’s name; music videos; international promotion; label management; the impact of music downloading; digital rights management; American Idol’s placement within the industry; deal making with major record labels; the Live Aid concert; the sociopolitical responsibilities of musicians; concert expenses; Web sites as a form of advertising; the band’s interest in the mandolin; and their musical influences.

Complete Program Title: A Symposium with Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman of The Hooters Music Band

Date Created: April 1, 2008

Eric Bazilian – Musician
Rob Hyman – Musician
Steve Leeds – Moderator
Patrick Ryan – Director
Robert Meyer – Lighting Designer
Matt Hand – Camera Operator
Peter Cannarozzi – Camera Operator
Michael Hoyt – Editor
Bob Kovaleski – Floor Manager
Brian Gorski – Broadcast Operations

Producer: Department of Instruction and Research Technology. Broadcast, Production and Support Division

Duration: 01:47:12 [hh:mm:ss]

Language: English

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