The Passaic Textile Strike

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Incited by wage cuts, speed-ups, and lengthened working hours, the largely immigrant workers in the textile mills of Passaic, New Jersey shut down the mills on January 25, 1926 for more than a year. In this documentary covering the event, a number of labor leaders are seen speaking at labor rallies, while some incidents of tear-gassing and beating of strikers by police are captured on film. The prologue is a dramatization of the fictional Breznac family, who immigrate to America only to encounter industrial oppression and exploitation.

Complete Program Title: The Passaic Textile Strike: the Battle for Life of the Workers Who Make the Cloth that Clothes You

Date Created: 1926

Lester Balog – Cinematographer
Sam Brody – Cinematographer
William Schwartfeller – Cinematographer
Albert Wagenknecht – Producer
Sam Russak – Director
Margaret Larkin – Screenwriter

Producer: International Workers Aid

Duration: 01:18:43 [hh:mm:ss]

Language: Silent with Intertitles in English

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