New Jersey PDS Conference :: Part 2 of 2

Hosted by NJVID

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The Garden State Partnership for Teacher Quality grant awarded mini-grants to four schools. In this break-out session from the 3rd Annual PDS Conference, the Professor-In-Residence and teachers from each school show and tell how their schools creatively applied for the grant and what they used the grant for. Presentations include an 8th grade peer leadership program; “Digital International PLC”; “Literacy Goes Hollywood”; and “Author Visits Revive Literacy.”

Complete Program Title:
3rd Annual New Jersey Professional Development Schools Conference: Improving Teacher Effectiveness and Student Performance through Mini-Grants. Part 2 of 2

Date Created: May 16, 2012

Joann Spera – Speaker
Marlene Polinik – Speaker
Dr. Betsy Golden – Speaker
Carlene Anderson – Speaker
Joyce Kazoun – Speaker
Gary Brizzi – Speaker
Sheila Sosis – Speaker
Sophia Barton – Speaker
Amy Brancato – Speaker

Garden State Partnership for Teacher Quality
William Paterson University
Rowan University
Kean University

Duration: 00:53:44 [hh:mm:ss]

Language: English