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Get the Hike Outta Here :: Great Falls

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

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“Get the Hike Outta’ Here” is a series of hikes organized by Karen Hilberg, William Paterson University associate director of Recreational Services. Students, staff, and President Kathleen Waldron, participated in the Great Falls hike on Sunday, September 23 in Paterson, New Jersey. For more information about future hikes, contact Karen Hilberg at or join the “Get the Hike Outta Here Facebook group.

Complete Program Title:
William Paterson University’s “Get the Hike Outta’ Here” to the Great Falls in Paterson, NJ

Date Created: September 23, 2012

Karen Hilberg – Producer

Duration: 00:02:03 [hh:mm:ss]

Language: English