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Music Management Seminar :: Jay Frank

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Hosted by NJVID

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Jay Frank discusses his book “Futurehit.DNA,” which provides a roadmap for creating a hit song and becoming a musical success in the digital age. He briefly covers his background in the music business; his inspiration for the book; album price structures; how to create a song that will maintain the listener’s attention; the role commercial hits play in sustaining artful music; the Internet’s hindrance on discovering new music; tempo; why people tend to develop sedentary musical tastes by age 25; successful selling models for the music business in the digital age; record deals; song durations and radio edits; and record companies’ aversion to risk.

Complete Program Title: Music Management Seminar with Steve Leeds and Jay Frank: Senior Vice President of Music Strategy for CMT

Series: Music Management Seminar

Date Created: April 5, 2011

Jay Frank – Interviewee
Steve Leeds – Interviewer

Producer: Department of Instruction and Research Technology. Broadcast, Production and Support Division

Duration: 01:02:34 [hh:mm:ss]

Language: English