Before beginning or at the end of any training program , you need to stretch your muscles. But it’ important for the muscles to be warm before you begin stretching . Run a few laps around the gym and set a few balls against the gymnasium wall before stretching out. It’ safer, and you’l get more out of it. 

Some Stretches you could do every day,

Sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of your body. Now, spread your legs out to the sides as far as is comfortable to you. For many people just getting into this position is a great stretch in itself! As you become more flexible you can slowly lean forward or reach out with your arms to grab your toes. Breath and hold for 15 seconds.
Pretzel- to the right. (switch to the left also)

To stretch the outside of the hips, use the pretzel stretch. Extend one leg out straight and bend the other one over it. Turn your body toward the hip of the bent leg. Press that knee into your body, and you should feel the stretch in the hip. Switch and do the other leg.


To stretch muscles in chest and shoulders. Stand arm-length distant from a doorway opening. Raise one arm shoulder height with slight bend in elbow. Place hand against door jamb and turn upper body away so that the muscles in chest and shoulders are stretched. Suggested repetitions: 3 – 4 each arm.


Raise the arm, bend the elbow, and then try to move the elbow behind the head. Repeat this with the other arm.


To stretch the upper leg, stand up again. Lift one foot up behind you and grab the ankle. Now push your foot out until you feel a stretch down the front of your thigh. If you have trouble balancing, focus on a spot on the floor about 6 feet away. Switch and do the other leg.


Stand with feet together or hip width apart. Roll from the top of your head all the way down your spine until your hands reach the floor. If they can’t reach don’t worry, it will get better! I also like to cross my arms above my head holding each elbow with opposite hand and just hang there, letting my head dangle and swivel from side to side. Or you could clasp your hands together behind your back and reach your arms behind your head towards the floor for a nice shoulder opening. Hold for at least 30 seconds. Roll up through your spine the same way your rolled down. Trying to articulate every vertebrae.