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I have decided that my topic will be the American
educational system. As a future teacher I am very interested in every aspect of
our educational system, the good and the bad. I would like to discuss the
issues that are being discussed in the news, as well as personal issues a
person may have. One of the main things I am trying to figure out is: What
makes a teacher great? What makes this teacher stand out more than all the
rest? If anyone has a particular article or educational experience they would
like to talk about, feel free to do so. My main objective is to get an
understanding of what may be expected of me, as a teacher, and what I can do to
ensure that I am doing my best to be one of the great ones.

There are lots of school issues that are
presenting themselves on a more national level; I would like to discuss these
as well. For example, bullying and teacher-student relationships, why do these
situations occur, what can teachers do to deter bullying and the effects of it,
why do some teachers cross boundaries when it comes to their students, what
should teachers do to effectively discipline a problem student/should teachers
discipline? These are just some of the issues I would like to discuss.

2 Responses to “My Topic”

  1. missy Says:

    I like the topic you chose. I think it’s going to be a good one to talk about since there are so many issues arising in the educational systems, and not just in our nation, world wide. Have you done any practicums yet for your education classes? I found the few that i’ve taken part in were great experience wise. Any idea yet what you would like to teach? just curious. Good luck!

  2. Ayesha Says:

    I haven’t done any practicums yet. I just applied for field experience for next fall. I would like to teach K-5, I’m hoping that the field experience will reinforce my belief that teaching is the right career for me.

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