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In becoming an educator one of the first things I had to
learn was why public school systems are necessary. We all know and understand
that in order to live you need money, and in order to make money you need to
work, and in order to get a good job so that you can make money you need an
education. So, of course education is important in that it helps us achieve our
ultimate goal, making money so that we can live. But, the greatest purpose for
education and the implementation of a free public school system is to ensure
the continuation of our society. One of the first things we learn in school is obedience;
this is in preparation for obeying society’s laws and customs during adulthood.
As Robert Fulghum states in his essay, “Credo”, in his book, “All I Really Need
to Know I Learned in Kindergarten,”:

We are sent to school
to be civilized –to be introduced to the essential machinery of human society.
Early on in our lives we are sent out of the home into the world. To school. We
have no choice in this. Society judges it so important that we be educated that
we must go. It is the law. And when we get to school we are taught the
fundamentals on which civilization rests. These are first explained in language
a small child understands.

School is essentially an institution to train future
citizens; to prepare them for their place within society once they become adults.
To ensure that society progresses in the manner that is deemed appropriate we
must train our children to fit in, to follow rules and guidelines, and to cooperate
with others. As noted by Fulghum, these are things that are introduced to us
during Kindergarten, and we are expected to continue to obey these lessons
throughout our lives. The ability to effectively ingrain this behavior into
ourselves guarantees us a place within our society.




Fulghum, R. (2003). All I Really Need to Know I
Learned in Kindergarten.
New York: Ballantine Books

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