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I started this blog with the idea that I was going to write
about the educational system of America, current events have changed that
notion. I have been going through it these last couple of weeks and I honestly
can’t concentrate on anything but this, my future home.

It all began when my husband decided that it’s a buyer’s
market and for what we’re paying for rent we can own our own place. From the
beginning I didn’t like this idea, he’s the only one working and I really
wanted to wait until I was working as well to purchase our first home. But, I
slowly began to warm up to the idea of being a homeowner, I love the idea of my
children having their own rooms, and a backyard to play in, and space for all
of our things.

The search for the “perfect” first-home led us to 2 canceled
contracts: the first was a short sale that fell through and the second was
revealed, by the inspector, to be not worth the hassle. Even through these
failed attempts we remained positive and determined to find our new home before
the time came to renew our lease; which leads us to our current situation,

That last sentence should really have ended with a question mark
because the fate of this transaction has not yet been sealed. If I had any kind
of idea how difficult this purchase would be beforehand I never would have
registered for 5 classes this semester. It just feels impossible, my focus and
concentration has completely been thrown off by this. Unfortunately, I’m the
kind of person who is led by emotions, if I’m happy I get to enjoy a relaxing,
peaceful day, if I am upset or worried my whole day is ruined until I find a
way to calm down. I’m not bipolar and I mean no disrespect to anyone who is, I’m
just the kind of person who doesn’t deal with stress well. Tomorrow I will
explain exactly what that stress has been.

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