Multiple instructors in one course?

December 1, 2008 – 11:45 am

Blackboard automatically loads one instructor for each course, but balks at adding more. But if are team-teaching you’ll need both instructors loaded, and that is something the Bb administrator can do for you. Simply use the Bb Support Center — see the link in red at the top of Bb Home, — to specify the course prefix, number, and section (e.g. hist 101-60).

If you need an observer in your course for peer review please follow the procedure outlined above. Ditto if you’d like a guest lecturer in your Bb course.

But if your guest lecturer comes from outside the WPUNJ community please give us a one week head start, as we need to load the individual into the university system, into Bb, and then load them into your course shell.

Questions about adding extra faculty to your course? Please use the Bb Support Center or write Blackboard administrator Robert Harris at