We’re upgrading!

May 28, 2009 – 10:03 am

In the Fall of 2009 we’ll debut the next version of Bb, called Next Generation or NG for short.  BbNG marks a significant step forward in that it combines the best of WebCT (the former chief rival of Blackboard that was purchased, captured, taken hostage etc. by Bb a few years back)with the best of the old system.  Some things are new — Journals, Blogs, the Grade Center — and some components continue on in a new wrapper.  I’m excited about BbNG, as it is easier for students to manage, and much easier for faculty!

We are presenting an all-morning upgrade workshop on June 1, and you can call 973.720.2659 to register for that or to make an appointment with an instructional technologist for a one-on-one workshop.

We’ll also be having our usual late August workshop for people new to Bb — stay tuned for announcements!