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17 Feb

Loading an assignment

Sometimes students think they’ve uploaded an assignment when they haven’t done so at all.  A problem common to both faculty and students is the natural understanding that once a document has been located and opened it is ready for submission.  Not so, mon ami!  Loading a document is a three step process: 1. Browse for [...]

05 Feb

Can’t see the Course Menu?

Perhaps you or your students have come across this issue:  after accessing your course shell you find you can see the Announcements page but little else.  The Course Menu and Control Panel are nowhere to be seen! This happens because Blackboard has a feature which allows users to extend the content palette across the entire [...]

17 Dec

New Support Doc: Test-taking precautions

We’ve added new documentation to help students avoid common problems in test-taking.  Both student and faculty versions of the document can be found on the Bb Support tab.

08 Dec

ePortfolio Support

New!  Faculty Support for the ePortfolio tool – Bb Support tab when you are logged into Blackboard.

30 Nov

Install the latest version of Java!

The latest version of Blackboard is very Java-intensive, and it will help if you download the most recent version of the software. It is free and installs itself: Please let me know if you have any questions — Robert,

03 Sep

Mozilla Firefox

Are you having difficulty downloading documents?  The problem is the MS Internet Explorer web browser.  Download the free Mozilla Firefox browser instead:

03 Sep

Documentation! Read your way to freedom!!!

See documentation on the Bb Support tab, to the right of the WPUNJ tab after you’ve logged in to Bb. Standard Practices Get started Frequently asked questions Activate course shells Combine course shells Transfer course content Hide old course shells Resolve a problem Features What’s new Navigation Content Assessments Assignments Blogs Journals Discussion Chat Virtual [...]

28 May

We’re upgrading!

In the Fall of 2009 we’ll debut the next version of Bb, called Next Generation or NG for short.  BbNG marks a significant step forward in that it combines the best of WebCT (the former chief rival of Blackboard that was purchased, captured, taken hostage etc. by Bb a few years back)with the best of [...]

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