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28 Jul

Online Orientation

Addressing diverse needs through online orientation experiences Weds. 8:30 See Handout.  They’re from Excelsior College, formerly Regents College in Albany NY.  They were an entity of the state but no longer.  They have 33,000 students but no buildings, classes, faculty offices.  The whole deal is at a distance.  They are one of the top educators [...]

28 Jul

Online Discussions

. . . in large, lecture only courses. Patricia Dinneen – Inst. Designer First let me suggest that this is the last session on the last day and there was nothing else available. The speaker works at George Washington University in DC. They have lecture-based classes with sections. In addition to the instructor there is [...]

22 Jul

Extreme makeover

Erin —-, head of instructional design. Exemplary course design winner. University of North FL – Jackonsonville. 16,000 students, 500+ faculty. 1200 instructors on Bb, 1900+ active users They create Bb templates that can be used across multiple courses. Any Bb course can be used as a template for another. They have a Bb orientation course [...]

22 Jul

Active Learning

Wayne and Karen Jacobs LeTourneau University They ask us to discuss good experiences with education, and bad experiences.  Some of the good were when the instructors were involved, and bad was when they were not. So then we play Jeopardy with some very easy questions to answer.  Answers to question.  In an event, people who [...]

22 Jul

Engaging learners

First guy is an instructional tech from a minute Catholic school in TX Trainer role changes from sage on stage to ringmaster Instructors share ideas Peer to peer learning Ask specific questions One slide per question Discuss and give prizes (?!) Homework opportunity Every ten minutes take a break.  (you’ve got to be kidding) Second [...]

20 Jul

Rubrics & Bb

How can I create a rubric that helps instructional designers, professors, and students? See the handout “Let’s talk about writing learning objectives or learning outcomes.” She has an example of a learning objective, and then asks us to write our own. The example is: Given a French sentence written in the past or present tense, [...]

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