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28 Jul

Keynote: NG

Keynote:  Michael Chason This will comprise an introduction to v9, dubbed Next Generation (and always referred to as NG). A recurring theme throughout the talk was a spoof on the MS/Mac commercials where a  button down guy plays Microsoft and a with-it dude plays Macintosh.  In this case the button–down dude is Blackboard v.4-8 and [...]

28 Jul

Respondus Lockdown Browser

Shea Ramquist The browser locks students out of browsing, copy-and-paste.  Full screen, so it can’t be minimized.  Students can’t open up any other file on their computer.  The right-click is locked down, and the control and function tools don’t work.  Screen copy is turned off. This would work in a lab, but not when the [...]

22 Jul

Respondus StudyMate

StudyMate: Class Server Demonstration Shea Ramquist Will start with a live demonstration. “Ultimate study group,” that will allow students and faculty to create and share flash projects. Engaging and fun, he promises. Works in the “Classic” environment. Students will see View and Edit tabs. User goes to Flash cards and can create questions and answers. [...]

21 Jul

Bb Sync

Situation for students – A vast majority of students have Facebook accounts.  It is one of the most used apps among college students.  Unfortunately academic life is not well represented in Facebook; students see it as a social site, not an education site. Our goal should be to connect with students in ways and places [...]

21 Jul

Release 8.0

Newly designed grade center.  Jeez, we just got a new grade center, and now they want us to introduce faculty to yet a new one?! He suggests that this grade center represents the best of WebCT and Bb. Gradebook: Maximize instructor efficiency, increase flexibility, increase customization, powerful data analysis, and greater communication. Self and Peer [...]

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