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June 26, 2013

’13 fall roundtables

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Each semester the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology offers a package of seminars during which instructional technologists and faculty can meet and share. Each seminar is designed to meet current and cutting edge pedagogical needs appropriate for 21st Century teaching and learning.

See a list of the roundtables below, and use these links for:

Roundtable Descriptions



In addition to the scheduled roundtables each session is offered to groups or individuals by appointment.

Academic Integrity
An open discussion academic integrity in both online blended courses and will explore strategies to curtail cheating.

Active Learning
Participants in this seminar will then benefits and the tools of teaching in an active learning environment.


Converting courses to the online environCTLT Gearsment

This offering comprises a mentoring relationship in which instructional technologists work one-on-one with faculty to convert traditionally-taught class to its online counterpart.  Mentoring is ongoing as long as needed, but positions are limited.

Course Design
A well-designed course will optimize student learning and engagement for conceptual mastery. By reviewing a course design model, the participants will get a big picture of a process of making a complete course design.

Effective Online Discussions
Participants of this discussion will learn how to create more engaging and interactive online experiences in traditional and online courses. Topics will include the integration of multimedia (including student-created audio and video) and the use of social media tools.

Flipping a Class
“Flipped classes” refers a method of teaching which puts student engagement at the center of the learning process. In this seminar, participants will explore the pros and cons of using flipped classes in various disciplines along with strategies for doing so.

Motivating Online Learners
Motivation is sustained by support and feedback.  In this session we’ll discuss both the importance of feedback and some strategies for deploying it in the online environment.

New Faculty Tech Orientation
New faculty will learn how to successfully navigate tools including banner, blackboard, voice mail and email. Best of all, new faculty will learn what help resources are at their disposal.

Web Conferencing
Learn to use the Collaborate web conferencing software for teaching, meetings, interviews and so much more.

For more information please contact Robert Harris: – Cheng Library 120h – 973.720.2451

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