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Bb World – Using templates

Sunday 07/08/2012


A useful introduction to a feature that will be of great use to the new Russ Berrie Institute online graduate program, and probably others as well.

Snapshot – designate various courses as templates

Manual – just use Wizard

If the template is a matter of menu items the changes can be broadcast across the arc of courses. To add content one needs to use snapshot.

  • We probably want to add content. Need to brief RBI.



  • Navigation
  • Content
  • Assessments
  • Collaboration
  • Learner support


Simple – don’t make me think – concise and clean

Chunking content – divide text into short blocks – vids into no more than five mins (not 50-mins of a talking head). Balance against white space.

The importance of uniformity within and between templates is important. Students shouldn’t have to work hard to navigate through a course or through different courses in a program.

=> This is something to advertise to potential user

Good course entry points should have content, which is why the announcements page works well. Is that what RBI is going to want? We have to talk to them about it. Maybe they want a special course/program intro page?

Accessibility: no color coded; all video needs transcripts Camstasia creates transcripts.

Specify objectives – Allow students who want or need more to get that info

Color palettes:

One can submit a color and a palette will be created for you.

She stresses Guide on the Side oriented development.

Effective feedback is timely, frequent, specific, descriptive and not evaluative

Collaboration – again, simple and frequent with clear expectations, without excessive instructor involvement– Communication, collaboration, cooperation, community

Building in support: Technical help, institutional training and support, instructor contact info, links to institutional policies, support for disabled learners, opportunity for feedback.

Might want to create all of these and leave instructors the option to use those they need

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