Web Conferencing A-Z

Starting an all day session on web conferencing using collaborate. I’m the front-end admin for a launch of the tool, and I have a lot to learn. will update throughout the day.

This presentation likely features learning elements/strategies we’ll use when training faculty.

Preloaading content, as we can do with the templates, is going to be useful.

I strikes me that collaborate changes the entire canvas of support. Using collaborates we can share out with users an application or our desktop or we can take control of their computer. No more “I’m sorry but I can’t see what you’re seeing.” I imagine we’ll be using collborate for support on a daily basis. We can pre-load content (documentation). The possibilities are deep and transformative.

Marianne and Jennifer did a bang up job! We all had a good time and now I really do know my elbow from that other body part.

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