BbW12 Collaborate Overview & Roadmap

BbW12 Collaborate Overview & Roadmap

Wednesday morning, Bb staff members


Collaborate is going mobile

Enterprise instant messaging

Voice authoring – will this eliminate our need for the Tegrity lecture capture tool?

The mobile app will be in the app store soon!

Echo cancellation eliminates the need for a headset

Captioning window is improved – ADA compliance

Works more seamlessly with various other LMS

A scheduled session gets added to the Calendar – the Bb calendar, not the university calendar. This is a problem at my university where members of the administration urge faculty to avoid the Bb app in order to force people to use the university calendar.

New: grade center support – any session is a gradable activity. Column is added in the GC and if the point value is set to zero the tool will simply note the users presence, making it an attendance tool.


Road ahead

Reusable content – making recordings easily distributable – mp4 – going into beta soon

Long term: concentration on creation, storage &­ access

2-way video on the mobile app

moderation ability on the ipad app

streamlined deployment – ie, ldap (but if our Bb uses ldap already won’t collaborate by extension?)



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