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July 12, 2012

Bb Analytics for Learn Customer Field Trial Panel: Early Findings and Insights

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Bb Analytics for Learn

Customer Field Trial Panel: Early Findings and Insights


Just released – combines Bb data with data from the SIS and stores in a data warehouse. The point is to improve student retention, engagement, optimize blended learning

It would be a good idea to get this particular presentation.

Can also work to support the operational side – when are the best times to staff the help desk, etc.

Data can be received in dashboards, reports, and dynamic analyses.


UM Baltimore County. Their president gave the initial keynote.

Happy happy.

Grand Rapids CC – Kunnen

Project Astro

but felt he needed more – analytics for learn. Thinks it will help them keep track of data. Yeah, but the question is =did it=?!

Montgomery CC – some wealthier areas, and then there is anthracite Pottsville. Hello George Korson.

Their pilot group recommended buying the product.

Like we need to send Bb more money. Does anyone else feel that way? Learn, content management, collaborate, now Analytics. Fine tools, limited resources. We go back to the provost and say “This will tell us a) how well Bb is doing and b) how it can improve what we are doing,” and he says: “Great. When you find the money you can buy it . . . “ siigghh

Unfortunately this session feels to me like a packaged advertisement. I was looking for more content, less marketing.

For example the audience question session started out with another set of prepared statements from the panelists. Why call it a question session if most of the period is taken up with more cheerleading?

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