Using Bb Learn as a Hub of Social Media


Using Bb Learn as a Hub of Social Media

Beth Burns

Buffalo State, but teaches in a CC

Voice is an important aspect of  education.


Vyou – voice – she uses it as an “ask the instructor” forum. Students ask a question and the professor can record a video answer. She feels as though it is like having a chat with a student after class.

It is a free service, and right now there is no limit. Privacy settings allow you to control who can see what.

The videos can not be downloaded.

You can use this to update your status. I guess that could be used in lieu of (or in addition to) Announcements.

Honestly in a world with Collaborate I don’t see the point. Of course Burns started using it before Collaborate came along, one imagines. And it is still a solution for schools that don’t use Collaborate.


VioiceThread – there are “pro” accounts, pay accounts, but you can create three. Individuals can get an account for $100/annum. It is an interactive multimedia slide show. Students can comment in at least five ways.

Some faculty are using it to upload their lectures. Again, Tegrity and/or Collaborate are more sophisticated tools for the same thing, at least for the schools that have adopted those tools.

She finds it interesting to see her students, to see what they look like the areas from which they choose to broadcast.

The speaker thinks that students learn better when they associate pictures with words.



The speaker is addressing the slide show aspect of Picasa. I’d note that the Bb Mashup tool incorporates SlideShare. Why use something else unless the other tool is a very good one. Picasa is good, but if you have a Google+ account you’ll want to create a unique Picasa account in order to avoid sharing out your presentations in an inappropriate format..


This presentation would have benefited from a more descriptive title?

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