Keynote: Clay Shirky

Blackboard Opening Keynote

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Bhatt – what we’ve been doing for the last seven months – his talk tomorrow will center around three pillars: Accelerating, Integrating, Innovating

Clay Shirky 

DARPA sends up ten red balloons that land in ten different places in the US.  There is an award.  Only the MIT team identified all the locations.  MIT found the balloons in nine hours – a far shorter time than DARPA had allotted. Cognitive Surplus –



Measured the time it took to create the content in Wikipedia –

  • To create Wikipedia: 10 million
  • The time Americans watch TV/year 200 billion
  • See some TV stats –

So divert the TV time just incrementally and think of the possible production increase.


TED Talk – Clay Shirky on How cognitive surplus will change the world

Student opens a Facebook study group and is prosecuted by Ryerson University – article:


The music industry (Napster) and education and everything else needs to negotiate the change with technology.


Digital data –
Digital Public Library of America –

“When did students become our frenemies?”

“The old distinction between class notes and publication can go away.”

There are likely ten year olds who are global publishers.  Distributed education, communication, discourse.

We are facing a university system that is about to be reshaped by student demand

Educational institutions need to be door openers and gatekeepers when it comes to students innovating how they learn

Shirky’s TED Talk portfolio –