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BBC: Qatar proposes $1bn fund for Palestinians in Jerusalem


“Israel occupied East Jerusalem in 1967. An estimated 200,000 settlers now live there, alongside 280,000 Palestinians. The Palestinians want East Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state, whereas Israel sees the city as its undivided capital. Israel’s occupation of East Jerusalem is considered illegal under international law, and its formal annexation of the area in 1980 was rejected by the UN Security Council. Despite this, the Israeli authorities have pursued policies which have encouraged the construction and expansion of Jewish settlements. Palestinians complain their residency status and access to basic services have been affected, along with their ability to develop communities.

Opening the Arab League summit on Tuesday, Sheikh Hamad said East Jerusalem was in “serious danger” and “serious action” was required. “Palestinian, Arab and Islamic rights in Jerusalem cannot be compromised. Israel must realise this fact,” he said. “I propose that this summit, in a move that reflects it is serious about defending the Arab character of Jerusalem and in a bid to save whatever can be saved, establishes a $1 billion fund,” he added. “Qatar will contribute $250 million to the fund and the remaining amount should be paid by the other Arab countries.” The emir suggested that the Jeddah-based Islamic Development Bank manage the fund, but did not say how the money would be spent. “As we’ve have seen many times before, unfortunately decisions in Arab summits often do not materialise on the ground,” Ghassan Shaka, a senior member
of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, told the Reuters news agency.”

The 46 years of persecution of Palestians reminded me of the 35 years of violence the Rohingya people in Burma had to face from “peaceful” Buddhists of Burma. Although this group didn’t get as much media coverage as the Palestine-Israel conflict, the Rohingya people have been described as “among the world’s least wanted”and “one of the world’s most persecuted minorities. According to Amnesty International, the Muslim Rohingya people have continued to suffer from human rights violations under the Burmese junta since 1978, and many have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh as a result:

The Rohingyas’ freedom of movement is severely restricted and the vast majority of them have effectively been denied Burma citizenship. They are also subjected to various forms of extortion and arbitrary taxation; land confiscation; forced eviction and house destruction; and financial restrictions on marriage. Rohingyas continue to be used as forced labourers on roads and at military camps, although the amount of forced labour in northern Rakhine State has decreased over the last decade. […]In 1978 over 200,000 Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh, following the ‘Nagamin’ (‘Dragon King’) operation of the Myanmar army. Officially this campaign aimed at “scrutinising each individual living in the state, designating citizens and foreigners in accordance with the law and taking actions against foreigners who have filtered into the country illegally.” This military campaign directly targeted civilians, and resulted in widespread killings, rape and destruction of mosques and further religious persecution. […]During 1991–92 a new wave of over a quarter of a million Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh. They reported widespread forced labour, as well as summary executions, torture, and rape. Rohingyas were forced to work without pay by the Burmese army on infrastructure and economic projects, often under harsh conditions. Many other human rights violations occurred in the context of forced labour of Rohingya civilians by the security forces.

Now imagine this: If you were to be practically kicked out of your homeland, see loved ones raped, tortured, and killed, how would you feel? You would of course defend your land and people the best that you can. Now, if the biased media only show’s your enemy’s point of view the majority of the time to brainwash and to gain sympathy and help by the public, how frustrated would you feel? At times, it may seem hopeless, but life’s tests comes in many forms. God is with the patient ones and those who depend on Him for help and victory against oppression and injustice.

Back to BBC’s article. It is good to see the support of other countries, especially financially, since so much like food, water, medicine, shelter, etc. needs money. But, things are easier said than done. The $1 billion fund that Qatar proposed and said will contribute $250 million while the remaining amount should be paid by the other Arab countries, should be taken seriously. Many people waste money excessively, unfortunately even Arab/ Muslim countries. They should be putting the money to use by helping other Arab/ Muslim countries instead of improving their extravagant property and possessions and gifting ridiculous amounts of money and material to individuals and countries who are behind all the suffering of Muslims around the world. While fingers are being pointed, the media is being biased, the ones who see through the lies and propaganda should speak up and act out accordingly. I don’t consider myself  a pessimist but someone who speaks what I see to be the truth. Hence, I don’t find it hard to believe that “as we’ve have seen many times before, unfortunately decisions in Arab summits often do not materialise on the ground.”

To read the entire article, please check out http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-21944010

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