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March 21, 2013

The Peak..

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Just a day ago I was on a sandy beach toasting up the sun enjoying my day. Today I’m back home, and well, I wish I could go back. The warm weather is probably what I’ll miss the most. For my spring break I visited Puerto Rico, one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. It was a short but great visit, I must say. I experienced a see a whole new world aside from my own. I would highly suggest for you all to consider this place as one of your future vacation destinations.

The first place I visited was “El Viejo San Juan,” this is the definition of old school. Most of the architecture is over 500 years old. Good portions of the roads are extremely narrow and bricked, but that is because cars were not invented, yet. If you want to be amazed, this is where you need to be. Not only is it a beautiful place to see, but also there is a great back-story to it all.


The second place I got to visit was “El Yunque”

I walked about 3 miles and reached the peak, one of the highest points in San Juan. It was a cloudy day, so once I got to the top I was literally touching the clouds. The picture right under is basically what it looked like, just a bit clearer. Being up there I felt like I was invincible.


Being able to visit El Viejo San Juan and El Yunque was great. Now my mission is to travel around the world and continue to explore. You can’t say you’ve lived life if you’ve only read one page of the book.

February 25, 2013

Oh How Things Have Changed….

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Sometimes I just sit back and remember the good old days. The days’ when doing my homework was my biggest concern. I didn’t have to worry about going to work, paying bills and etc. Sometimes, I wish I can go back to those days and redo it all over again. I would do things so much better and smarter and try to correct all of my naïve mistakes but the past is the past and that is something we cannot change. What we can do though is try to make a better future for our loved ones and ourselves.

One thing from those care less days are a few rules that from then until now I use everyday, mostly. “Share, put things back the way you found them, clean up your mess, don’t take things that aren’t yours, wash your hands before you eat, flush, hold hands and stick together.” These are just some of the things that I remember and now recall from reading a book from Robert Fulghum. Now sit back and think, how many of these rules do you use daily? Of course these aren’t all of them, but just a few that stuck out to me.

It didn’t really occur to me that these small things we learned back then are our basic rules of life. Even as an adult now I’ve heard people say it, not to just children but other adults also. It’s pretty cool to see now our younger generations learning the same as we did once before.

February 2, 2013

Chocolate,Stress and Other Things

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Chocolate, Stress and Other Things, well most people, mainly females use such things like chocolate to help with their monthly cycle of emotional roller coasters and physical pain. Others use it for mere satisfaction or mental getaways of pure flavors. As funny as it might seem this is how some people cope with certain issues or cravings. My goal is to hear different perspectives and stories of life experiences to better understand this delicious but yet addicting habit. Remember it might not just be chocolate as we are individuals and have our own way to deal with stress and other related matters. None the less I would still enjoy to hear your story. Just hope someone is brave enough to tell me, on a blog where you can be completely anonymous and will never have your identity exposed. Just a thought…



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