Super Bowl XLVII

On Sunday February 3rd, 2013 the National Football League held its annual championship game.  This game featured the American Football Conference champions, the Baltimore Ravens, against the National Football League conference champions, the San Francisco 49ers.  The Baltimore Ravens jumped out to a big lead and were winning 28-6 after returning the opening kickoff for the second half 108 yards for a touchdown.  Then, on the next 49ers possession, the stadium lost half of its power.  The teams were standing around on the field for 34 minutes.  After this delay, the 49ers came storming back.  They scored 17 straight points to cut the Ravens lead to 28-23.  The score was then 34-29 in favor of the Ravens with less than 5 minutes left.  The 49ers were able to drive the ball all the way down the field to the Ravens 5 yard line.  They had 4 chances to get into the end zone to score a touchdown and take the lead, but they failed on all of them.  The Baltimore Ravens ended up winning the game 34-31.  Another big factor in the game was that it was Ray Lewis’s last game in the NFL.  He had played middle linebacker for the Ravens for the last 17 years, and is one of the greatest to ever play the position.  He has always been a staple of their defense and is the team’s emotional and physical leader, and they wanted nothing but to have him retire on top.  The Ravens quarterback, Joe Flacco, was the MVP of the game.  He had a very strong game, throwing 3 touchdown passes.  He did what all Super Bowl MVP’s have done for a while; he went to Disney World on Monday to celebrate.  On Tuesday, Baltimore was having a parade through the city to celebrate the Ravens winning their 2nd NFL Championship.

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