Steroids in MLB

This weeks post will about about the use of steroids in baseball.  Up until 1991, the MLB had not regulated the use of steroids or performance enhancing drugs.  The commissioner at that time, Fay Vincent, told all the teams that the use of steroids was illegal.  Then in 2005, they set guidelines, with punishments, about what would happen if players were caught using steroids by a positive urine test.  The first time you were caught you would get suspended for 10 games, then after that you would get 60 games for a second positive test.  Then 60 games, and then a full year of suspension.  It was then upgraded to the penalties that are still intact now.  50 game suspension for your first positive test.  Then 100 games for the next one.  Finally, if you are caught 3 times, you are kicked out of the game for life.

Baseball has very recently seen a great increase in players being caught using banned substances or steroids.  Many players use them to come back from injuries, instead of just using them when they are fine and just to gain a real edge over the other players.  This is still illegal though.  Many Dominican players have recently been connected to a doctor in Miami that has been connected with giving players illegal substances that then led to positive tests.  The MLB has a real epidemic on its hand because now some of the best players in the game are trying to get into the hall of fame, but many of the voters will not vote for them because they were connected to doing steroids.  This is causing lots of talk about changing who votes for players to get into the hall of fame.

Overall, the MLB is becoming very tarnished by the usage of steroids and basically the cheating that many of the players have done.  The penalties for being caught doing steroids are very strict, but since many players are still being caught doing them, maybe they are not strict enough.

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