March Madness

This month is the biggest for college basketball.  It’s called March Madness.  March Madness is the tournament that the men’s college basketball teams use to figure out which team is the national championship.  It starts with 68 teams and on April 8th it ends with the championship game in Atlanta, Georgia.  The teams are ranked from 1 through 16 in 4 different divisions.  The number 1 seeds this year are Indiana, Gonzaga, Kansas, and Louisville.  It is called March Madness because you never know who is going to win what game.  There is always all kinds of upsets and you really never do know who is going to win the whole thing.  Already this year, a number 15 seed, Florida Gulf Coast University, beat a number 2 seed, Georgetown University, 78-68.  This is a huge upset.  It was only the 7th time ever that a 15 seed beat a 2 seed.  So it is a pretty remarkable upset.  A number 16 seed has never beat a number 1 seed.

ESPN lets people fill out brackets for free and this year almost 8.15 million brackets were filled out on ESPN.  After the first games of the 3rd round, no one had a perfect bracket still.  0 out of 8.15 million.  That tells you how crazy this years tournament has been.  One of the other big upset was when the number 9 seed Wichita State beat the number 1 seed Gonzaga to get into the “Sweet 16″, which is the final 16 teams left in the tournament.  Wichita State won 76-70 and this was another big upset.  This is why people make such a big deal out of “March Madness” because it is so much fun because you never can predict what will happen and there is always close games with game winning shots in the final seconds.

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