2013 NHL Lockout

The 2013 NHL season was delay because of a lockout.  The owners of the teams locked out the players of the teams because the two sides could not come to an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement after the old one had expired.  The new agreement was finally made and they agreed to play a compressed season of 48 games.  The new CBA had a couple of key points that the owners and the players had to come to agreements on.  The first one is that the new CBA is a 10 year agreement with an option to opt-out of it after 8 years.  The next was, is that teams can only sign players for a max of 7 years, 8 if they are resigning with the team that they were on.  The biggest disagreement the owners and they players had was how they were going to spilt the hockey related revenue.  Last CBA the players were getting 57% of the HRR, which is a huge amount compared to other leagues.  In the new CBA the players and owners came to an agreement of a 50-50 spilt.  Another issue discussed was the salary cap.  This season it will be $60 million for all teams with a $44 million floor.  Next season it will be $64.3 with the floor being $44 million again.  The next one is the variance of money that players will make over the different years of their contract.  There used to be no rule against that so they came to an agreement that a player’s salary can’t vary from more than 35% of what it was the year before, and it can’t change more than 50% over the entire contract.  The final point was that teams will have revenue sharing, meaning that teams that make a lot of money will have to share some revenue with teams that don’t.  13 of 30 teams in the NHL actually lost money last year, so this was a key point as well.

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