Rutgers Coach in Hot Water

“Coach” Mike Rice was fired on April 3 for shoving, grabbing, throwing balls, and using gay slurs against players on the Rutgers basketball team. The video takes place over a long period of time and was not an isolated incident. Rice was investigated for this matter and was suspended 3 games, fined $50,000, and ordered to attend anger management classes. After that was completed, there was no other mention of Mike Rice in the press until a former employee leaked the video to the media. Now Rice has been fired, an assistant coach has resigned, the athletic director is under very intense public scrutiny, and faculty are calling for the president to resign as well.

I believe that the athletic director should be fired as well because he investigated the incident twice and did very minimal to ensure the best interest of all the parties involved. It seems to be that the athletic director tried to give Rice a slap on the wrist and hope it would not be an issue moving forward. The AD has not done what is in the best interests of the school considering that the coach was physically and verbally abusing his players and he could have prevented it. Also, after the Tyler Clementi incident, you would think Rutgers would have a zero tolerance policy on matters dealing with gay slurs. Rice should have been fired immediately after school officials saw the video. It was a very easy decision to make and one that any other AD would have made instantly. Rice has had several players transfer to other schools, not had success on the basketball court, and tormented the lives of young men aspiring to become the best student-athlete they can be. Why were Rutgers school
officials covering this up?

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