2013 NFL Draft

Tonight at 8 PM, and continuing throughout the weekend, college football players from all over the country will be waiting patiently and hopeful to hear their names be called.  If their name is called, it is because they have been drafted by an NFL team.  For all the players, this means that their dreams have come true.  They have put in so much hard work to get themselves prepared and worked so hard while they played in high school and in college.  All the hard work was for this moment right now.  To be selected to be on a professional football team.  There will only be 254 players choosen in the draft.  So just to be drafted is a milestone in and of its own.  The draft is held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.  To be eligible for the draft,  the college football players had to have completed high school at least three years prior to today, and had until January 15, 2013 to declare their intention to the draft and to give up their remaining eligibility to play football in college.  This is a major step for all the players.  They are now eligible to get paid for playing football, most of them will make more than $1 million annually.  The athletes also have to realize that the road will not be easy though.  Just because they are drafted by the team, does not mean that they make the team.  They have to be able to agree to a contract with the theam.  Then, once the training camps come around, they have to prove themselves to the coaches and to the front office.  It is not an easy process, but it is what these athlets have been working for all their lives.  So if their head is in the right place and they are working as hard as they can, then they will be able to complete their dream of playing in the NFL.

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