Goal 4

Goal 4. Enhance WPU’s Sense of Community Throughout and Beyond the University

We would like to include the following on top of what were discussed last time:

1. Have a systematic presence of our programs and faculty at key international, national and local events and conferences where strategic alliances can be maintained or formed.

2. Create visual / aesthetic representations throughout the Valley Road building and surrounding spaces that are representative of the College of Education and William Paterson Community.

3. Utilize wall space in the Valley Road building to further display the College of Education Community and its far reaching goals (i.e. through bulletin boards, flat screen tvs showing candidates in action, etc…).

4. Support a safe Valley Road Community that is representative of the type of School all children should attend with around the clock security monitoring, safe parking lots for the Community, and doors which are security monitored (possibly swipe to enter).

Respectfully submitted by An, Baxter, Bundy, Dobrick, Elshahawi, Fattal, & McNeal



Step 1: