Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, I hope you all enjoyed it! This week at the library we celebrated Valentine’s Day by making fun crafts with both Preschool and Elementary School-aged children. The first project I did was with the preschoolers, we made Valentine owls made from a paper plate and various hearts.

The items you will need for this craft are:

  1. One or two pieces of large, red construction paper.
  2. One paper plate
  3. A small piece of pink and yellow construction paper
  4. Wiggle eyes and/or other various embellishments.

First, using the red construction paper, cut out a heart large enough to cover the paper plate. Cut that heart in half and you have your wings! Glue the wings onto the paper plate as seen in the photo. Next, also using the red construction paper, cut out a heart big enough for the head. Using the pink construction paper cut out a heart slightly smaller than the red head for the face. Glue the pink face onto the red head and attach the completed head to the paper plate. Using the yellow construction paper cut out 3 small, equally sized hearts for the feet and beak. Finally, attach the feet and beak and decorate your owl with the wiggle eyes and various embellishments.

5 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. The owl is adorable I didn’t think of doing something like an owl, most people do the lady bugs or butterflys but the owl is very unique.

  2. I love the owl it’s super cute. It reminds of all of the arts and crafts I use to do in elementary school. Must be pretty cool to work with young children and see them try do do these things themselves. I have a three year old brother and I see all the little artwork he does in daycare, makes me want to be young again.

    • Thanks I love the owl, it was one of my favorites. Working on crafts with kids is a lot of fun, they come up with some really original creations!

  3. I absolutely love your creative ideas! Your creations are so cute, easy, and seem like alot of fun. Absolutely love this owl, cannot get cuter than that!

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