Rain Stick Craft

In order to celebrate the rainy month of April, and to ensure a flowery May, we made Native American-inspired rain sticks to encourage the rain. This is a great craft to make if you want to make something using recycled household items.


  1. Cardboard tube (either a paper towel roll or a mailing tube).
  2. Brown paper (packaging paper or a brown paper bag cut to fit around the tube).
  3. Small piece of cardboard ( a cereal box or something similar will do).
  4. Two pipe cleaners.
  5. String, yarn or twine.
  6. Rice, beans, or small pasta.
  7. Glue
  8. Markers
  9. Various embellishments such as sequins, feathers and/or beads.


  1. Trace the ends of the tube onto the brown paper and the cardboard. Cut out 2 circles from each. Glue the cardboard circle and then the brown paper circle onto one side of the tube. Begin coloring the brown paper and allow the circles to dry for a few minutes.
  2. Connect the pipe cleaners in order to make one long pipe cleaner. Wind the long pipe cleaner around a broom handle to create a spiral that is about the same length as the cardboard tube. Place the pipe cleaners inside of the tube.
  3. Next, place a handful of each of the various beans, rice and/or pasta into the tube. Glue the other circles onto the end of the tube.
  4. Place glue on the back of the decorated brown paper and wrap around the tube.
  5. Tie on the string and decorate!
Note: Allow the rain stick to dry before shaking.


Spring Storytime Craft

To celebrate the start of a new spring story time session at the library, we made greenhouses with the three and four year olds.


In order to make this craft you will need:

1. One large sheet of construction paper.
2. A sandwich-sized plastic sealable bag.
3. Three or four large cotton balls.
4. Grass seed.
5. Glue (We used glue sticks and they worked perfectly!)
5. Foam shapes and/or various embellishments.

First place the construction paper on your work surface so that it is positioned vertically. Next, fold the paper from top to bottom. After, cut a square shape out of the middle of the folded side, the square should be about an inch smaller than the sandwich bag on all four sides. This is important so that the bag does not fall out of the “green house structure”. Next, place the cotton balls into the sandwich bag so that they make a single layer on the bottom. Pour water into the bags, just enough to soak the cotton balls. Sprinkle about a tablespoon of grass seed into the bags and seal them up. Glue the bags to the inside of the folded construction paper and decorate your green house. No need to water, just hang it in a sunny window and watch it grow!