Stress is a slient killer

To all the parents please be aware of what your children is going through rather it be school or at home. I have a niece that had a seizure back in October and was in a coma for almost a month. Because of this she will not be able to walk , talk,or feed herself again. So as parents we need to be careful and watch for any changes within our kids. she was a healthy kid so this can happen to anyone.

Sandy Hook school Shooting

My heart goes out to the parents of these children that have been taking away from them at an early age. I have 3 children and 6 grandchildren all the same all the same age as theses students i can not image what these parents are going through. the children that made it out was bless and as parents we send our children to learn and to be safe while they are there. This was just plain evil this kids should be getting ready fro Christmas and their families are making funeral arrangements. This is so sad. The other kids will have to seek help for the rest of their lives in order to cope with reality as the get older. May God bless these children and their families as they try to pick up the pieces and move on with life.

Hurricane Sandy

Good morning,

This morning i wanted to write about the strom we just encounter. This has been the worse week of my life. I know everyone lights are out and we lost a lot of food and other things.

I just want to thank God for getting us through this strom. We have been out of school and work for the entire week and I still have no lights I’m at my aunt house in Elmwood Park were she has light. I have been over here everyday to check my emails and take a shower. I hate being a bother to anyone but I know she don’t mind.

The gas lines has been out of this world I has a half of tank of gas on Wednesday and going back in forth to my anuts house I needed gas. So i decided to see if the quick check by my house on rt 46 had any gas just like all the other gas station they were out of gas a waiting on the tanker to bring their gas.

So I decided to wait at the quick check I stto out side in the parking lot with a lot of other people wating for gas I got there at 1pm in the afternoon.

They said the truck will get their at 3pm I waiting online in the parking lot and the truck finally got there around 4:30pm. They filled up all their employees cars frist and then they filled all the cars that have been in the parking lot first.

 I was in the line for four in a half hours before i got gas but I thank God I was able to get gas and they had a 40.00 limit on gas for cash and 75.00 limit on a cc. I went back to the quick check around 11:00pm  to get some more gas for my aunt in paterson for her generator and they were already out of gas.

I came to my aunts house this mporning to take a shower aqn di wa checking my e-mails and i decides to blog this morning about the strom hopefully I will have some lights before monday they are telling us its a possiblity we won’t have any lights until the 10th I hope not. I will be at my aunts house all day sunday doing home work with my lights do not come back on before then. I hope everyone is well and that we all really see how bless we are bwcause it could have been worst.

working on campus

I’am not sure if all the students here a wpu know if they receive financial aide they can work on or off campus. I first started working through the Federal work study program back in 2007 at BCC until I graduate from BCC in 2011.When I started here at WPU in the fall of 2011 I started working at the Center for Student services and I love it. This job help me with some of my bills outside of school it may not be a lot of money but believe me it helps out a lot. I recommend anyone who receives  FA should go into the FA office and find out about the Federal work study program.