Climate Feedbacks


The greenhouse gases effect is not the sole purpose of global warming. However, certain changes that take place in one climate system can cause additional changes elsewhere. These secondary changes are known as climate feedbacks. Climate feedback, According to NASA, “could more than double the amount of warming caused by carbon dioxide alone”. Snow, ice, water vapor, clouds and the carbon cycle are prime examples of the primary feedbacks. The most common feedback comes from the Northern Hemisphere, which is the melting snow and ice. Warmer climates as you know are continuously melting large amounts of the Arctic sea ice. One of the largest feedbacks is water vapor. Did you know that water vapor causes an estimate of 2/3 of the greenhouse warming? What determines the amount of additional warming that will come about is the amount of water vapor that accumulates in the atmosphere. Clouds are similarly to the water vapor feedback. A clouds cause additional warming because clouds absorbs infrared energy from surfaces in warmer areas, than they are. And lastly, the carbon cycle, “the increased carbon dioxide concentrations and warming temperatures are causing changes in the Earth’s natural carbon cycle that causes feedback on atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration”. For me more information visit: