Our Future


We can all join and help our economy by getting involved and thinking about our lives In the long run. Taking care of the economy is on the back of our list to do’s or some might not even give it any thought, like me.  Bringing awareness to this growing issue is a start for change. If you have ever wonder what little you can do u make to help make a big change one can plant trees, take shorter showers, which will be a hard one for me, instead of driving, try riding a bike. I personality don’t happening a much in our society. Try to do full loads of laundry rather than few items on the daily basics. I’m so guilty when it comes to this, buying bottled water, I refuse to drink tap water knowingly, but I guess it won’t kill to me buy a filter. It will also save money. The cold is my worse enemy so when I read putting on extra clothes to keep warm instead of turning up the heat. My heart froze. During the fall until late spring so far, the heart is usually on. Extra clothes in the house is just uncomfortable to me. Starting today I’m try to suck it up and practice what I preach and do something about global warming, such little can go a long way.