Global Warming & Hurricane Sandy


Hurricane Sandy has proven to be such catastrophic event and also a blow to the north coast. According to the Huffington Post the effects of Hurricane Sandy had nothing to do with global warming. The argument here is that that Hurricane Sandy was not due to global warming but rather natural causes. Here the climate change had nothing to do with Hurricane Sandy, but rather it was hurricane season, and hurricanes as well as topical storms occurs with or without global warming. However, it is projected, as the climate warms there will be greater intense storms to go. Furthermore, researcher goes on to say that state of New York was doomed regardless due to Geographic’s. Long Island’s long and narrow shape was a factor to channel the surge from the storm. New York in general is more susceptible to storm surges. Hurricane Sandy broke an all time high record of 13.2-foot storm surge in the Big Apple. According to the Huffington post, “At least 1 foot of those 13.2 feet was arguably due to sea-level rise.”

At First I took sandy oh so lightly, I could not have been any more unprepared. I didn’t have a flashlight, water, food or gas. I did not think Super storm Sandy was going to be nowhere as bad. Maybe a little light flickering here, dish network cable outage there the most.