Polar Bears


Did you know that global warming is taking affect on polar bears? Currently there is a rapid and deadly decline. As suggested by a scientific group the Ursus Maritimus, polar bears spends majority of their time at sea than on land. Being that the climate is warming, everything in site is melting which is huge threat for polar bears well being. While on land, Polar bears eat little to nothing. Polar bears are now going hungry for longer periods of time. It’s mostly at sea, on ice, where they hunt for there food. According to the Geological Survey project, 2/3 of polar bears will disappear by the year 2050. The U.S. Geological Survey projects also reported, in the year 2011, a female polar bear swam straight, nonstop for 9 days across the Beaufort Sea before finally reaching an ice floe. This cost her to lose 22 percent of her weight and a cub. Also in the year 2011, the Arctic sea was at its warmest. That year the Artic saw its lowest Arctic ice level since the year 1979. Global warming is happing right now, our generation, right before our eyes. The near future for all polar bears are indeed in jeopardy.