Natural Disaster


Environmental Justice Foundation (EFJ) reports say 10% of the global populations are at risk of forced displacement due to climate change. Can you imagine the heartache of slowly foreseeing something before it actually happen, Especially something that you have no control over. According to the EFJ, over the next 40 years, global warming will destroy about 150 million climate refugees to migrate to other countries. In the year 2008, 20,000 people and more were displaced due to climate related natural disasters. More recently, which I bet we all will never forget is Hurricane Sandy, which really hit home; many were displaced after that natural disaster as well. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) believes that over the 50 years Countries will lose either all or a significant amount of their land, due to the increase in the sea level.

The EFJ estimates nearly 150 million will be displaced by a natural disaster occurrence by the year 2050. That’s only 37 years from now, If were lucky many of us will still be living, This is happening in our generation and our children generation, and all over the world, Bangladesh has occurred up to 70 natural disasters climate related in the past 10 years alone; Just something to think about.