February 5th, Super Bowl

The big game was this past Sunday at 6:30 PM. I was cheering for the Ravens because the inspirational Michael Oher, from the famous movie “The Blind Side,” plays for that team. For those who watched the game, we all experienced the power outage in the third quarter which delayed the game by over half an hour. When the power was restored and the game started again, the 49ers almost won the game. In my opinion, the power outage had a huge impact on this game. If it did not happen, I do not believe the 49ers would have scored as many points as they did. As my first blog post, I am going to analyze how the power outage during the Super Bowl 2013 impacted each team.

The power outage was definatelty an advantage for the 49ers. This gave the 49ers a chance to regroup, talk strategy and rest. Obviously this is exactly what the team did because they entered the game and almost ended up winning the Super Bowl. As for the Ravens, they were winning the game when the crisis happened. Since they were in the lead, they focused on staying loose and focused during the power outage. The Ravens should have focused more on how they could improve as well to keep the lead. The power outage seemed to be more of a disadvantage for the Ravens because their opponent received a chance to recoupe and come out strong once the game started again. In my opinion, the power outage played a huge impact on the score of the game, and could have changed the outcome completely. I believe that if the power outage did not happen, the game would have been completely different.