Conquering Change, or Fear…Same thing?

I have made a decision in the last couple of days to do something…. Try a cleanse. I have heard horror stories about different types of cleanses and how you can’t eat during them, so I have gotten turned off by them. But with my recent hobby of working out and eating clean, the programs I work out with (Team Beach Body) use what is called a Shakeology Cleanse. This one is not as dramatic at certain cleanses out there, so I only have to slightly change my diet by substituting some Shakeology smoothies for different meal. I decided to give this cleanse a shot and change! But wait, am I conquering change in my lifestyle or am I conquering fear? Or are they the same??

I have decided they are the same thing! People are frightened by their fears, and people are frightened by change. Both words are intimidating to use, but change seems to be taken in a less harsh way. In my opinion, not knowing what would have happened is boring and uneventful. Always trying something new and going past that line of fear (or change) opens your eyes to a completely new world!

Being Organized

I don’t know about everyone else, but when I have more activities on my plate I seem to be more organized because I am forced to always be thinking. A lot of people cannot handle multiple situations at once, leading to stress and frustration, which then leads to unorganization. In my opinion, these people become stressed and frustrated because they do not take the time to sit down and think all the situations through. These people like to play their life day by day, not having any sort of plan. I’m not saying everyone should have a weekly planner, I’m saying everyone should atleast know what the next day or couple of days hold. This will decrease the chance of surprise and unorganization.

I absolutely love knowing what the next couple of days are going to be like. Whether it is the weather, which exercises I have planned, or what I am bringing to work for lunch. Having these mentally in my head or even written down reduced my worry and stress, contributing to my very ogranized life.


I know I like feeling appreciated, but unfortunately society seems to have gotten out of the trend of appreciating the good people do. Ever heard the saying, “you do not appreciate something until it is lost?” Well, I have seen many different scenarios where people around me continue to use and use people without appreciating them. Eventually, the generous people will get sick and tired of not being appreciated and stop their generousity. The users all of a sudden realize they have lost something which could have easily been kept if they only appreciated the giver.

These appreciative actions can include a simple “thank you” or “I really appreciate it.” A simple sentence which takes maybe 1-3 seconds to say makes a person feel appreciated. But I receive more silence from the users than I receive a simple “thank you.” So what do I do? I stop being generous and lose relationships over something so simple. Society has gotten so ignorant and selfish and this is a huge problem. Let’s change the society. Having even one more person a day be selfless and thoughtful will be the beginning of a better world.

Motivation – Keep Going

From my workout this morning, the trainer said, “You could always be a little bit stronger, and a little bit leaner.” This motivation stuck in my head all morning so I decided to share my thoughts.

A person can always continue to improve and progress, no matter what the situation is. Whether a person is looking to improve in a class, improve in behavior, or improve in exercising. Ironically enough, one of my professors asked what I thought about my performance in class so far. I explained, “I always strive to do better. When I reach my goal of completing a task, I automatically create another goal to achieve.” There is never an end to achieving something. A person can always get a higher grade on a test. A person can always be a little bit nicer. A person can always run a little bit farther or faster. I always give myself a “temporary” goal to reach. For example, when I do my workouts, I always strive to finish more of a circuit than I prevously have. When I do that, I strive to finish another part of the circuit more than I previously have. This is a never ending cycle because there is always something to improve in a situation.