Motivation – Keep Going

From my workout this morning, the trainer said, “You could always be a little bit stronger, and a little bit leaner.” This motivation┬ástuck in my head all morning so I decided to share my thoughts.

A person can always continue to improve and progress, no matter what the situation is. Whether a person is looking to improve in a class, improve in behavior, or improve in exercising. Ironically enough, one of my professors asked what I thought about my performance in class so far. I explained, “I always strive to do better. When I reach my goal of completing a task, I automatically create another goal to achieve.” There is never an end to achieving something. A person can always get a higher grade on a test. A person can always be a little bit nicer. A person can always run a little bit farther or faster. I always give myself a “temporary” goal to reach. For example, when I do my workouts, I always strive to finish more of a circuit than I prevously have. When I do that, I strive to finish another part of the circuit more than I┬ápreviously have. This is a never ending cycle because there is always something to improve in a situation.