Being Organized

I don’t know about everyone else, but when I have more activities on my plate I seem to be more organized because I am forced to always be thinking. A lot of people cannot handle multiple situations at once, leading to stress and frustration, which then leads to unorganization. In my opinion, these people become stressed and frustrated because they do not take the time to sit down and think all the situations through. These people like to play their life day by day, not having any sort of plan. I’m not saying everyone should have a weekly planner, I’m saying everyone should atleast know what the next day or couple of days hold. This will decrease the chance of surprise and unorganization.

I absolutely love knowing what the next couple of days are going to be like. Whether it is the weather, which exercises I have planned, or what I am bringing to work for lunch. Having these mentally in my head or even written down reduced my worry and stress, contributing to my very ogranized life.