I know I like feeling appreciated, but unfortunately society seems to have gotten out of the trend of appreciating the good people do. Ever heard the saying, “you do not appreciate something until it is lost?” Well, I have seen many different scenarios where people around me continue to use and use people without appreciating them. Eventually, the generous people will get sick and tired of not being appreciated and stop their generousity. The users all of a sudden realize they have lost something which could have easily been kept if they only appreciated the giver.

These appreciative actions can include a simple “thank you” or “I really appreciate it.” A simple sentence which takes maybe 1-3 seconds to say makes a person feel appreciated. But I receive more silence from the users than I receive a simple “thank you.” So what do I do? I stop being generous and lose relationships over something so simple. Society has gotten so ignorant and selfish and this is a huge problem. Let’s change the society. Having even one more person a day be selfless and thoughtful will be the beginning of a better world.

Reviews, Helpful or Hurtful?

When trying to decide which fitness DVD will due the most justice… what do we turn to? REVIEWS! Reviews are the basis of our buying decisions. However, are reviews becoming overrated? Some people would agree and say that reviews are fixed. I am going to disagree. With the technology today and the lovely internet, you can find the answer to just about anything. Most likely then not, and depending on your experience with ready reviews, you can figure out which ones are fixed if any. Staying with my example of fitness DVDs, today most programs have their own websites where they advertise and sell the DVDs. When selecting on a program, there are personal reviews from the users. I found that these reviews are extremely helpful and true.

In some cases however, if a product is new and there are many reviews on it already, then those reviews would be a bit fishy to me. Unfortunately, some companies do fix reviews to receive more sales and this is wrong. If you sense the review is fixed, I suggest not buying the product because if the company had to put in their own review, the product most likely is not good quality.

Fast Paced Environment

I am sure this is hard to miss nowadays, but it is crazy how fast paced the world has become is continuing to be. The world is always changing and it is hard to keep up with it. The best example that most people can relate to is clothes shopping. The styles are changing every single season, so last summer style is completely different to the upcoming summer style. I have been noticing that not many stores are selling “last seasons” clothes anymore. Once the seasons change, so does their stock of clothes.

Technology is also a great example. Phone releases used to be more spread out more than they are today. New phones are being developed so rapaidly that by the time one person buys a product, a new version of that product is going to be released shortly.

I am afraid that this fast-paced world is going to become so fast paced that it will be almost impossible to keep up.