My Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Blog

This Saturday I competed in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pan-American championships. This is one of the biggest tournaments of the year, and by far the most prestigious on the East Coast.  After months and months of focused training for this event, I showed up to city college in Harlem ready to win.  After three grueling fights I had made it to the semifinal round.  In this fourth fight, I had been winning by a considerable advantage and my opponent was far more tired than I. At this point he went for a final desperation move and with a last ditch effort I was caught in an unorthodox position, forced to tap out due to a vicious ankle lock, thus ending my goal of winning the championship.                         

All in all I think I did a great job. Third place in such a major event is a really big deal, but I know that I could have done better. After a day or two of nursing my wounds, I need to get myself right back on the mat.  Come November, is my biggest event of the year, the World Championship tournament.  With just under five weeks to prepare, I now look toward the biggest prize of them all, the coveted World Championship.  All of my preparation and mental focus will be on this next event, and I know that with the right mindset and the right preparation, I can bring that title home.  In the coming weeks, I will be training, strategizing, and getting myself into a mind state where I know I can achieve victory.  The purpose of this blog is to chronicle what I will be going through and use it to organize my thoughts and training practices in order to optimize the work that I put into my goal.