Getting ready for the biggest tournament of the year, can be hard on you. The
usual volume and intensity of training is turned up a few notches, and the
mindset changes completely. In hot pursuit of a world championship, you
sometimes forgo normal human feelings. Basic needs like food, water, rest,
relaxation, and socializing go by the wayside as the only thought becomes

It can sometimes be an amazing thing how much the mind shuts out when there is a
goal at hand. At times like this, the tunnel vision takes over and the fight
becomes all I can think about. When this happens, it becomes a major task to
focus on other priorities, school included. The mental and physical draining
process becomes so taxing that even when I’m applying myself to a task, I don’t
notice the decline in my abilities to accomplish what needs to be accomplished.
Exhaustion takes over, and takes over completely.

So now the question arises, “what’s to be done about this”? I’m beginning to
think that the problem with the mental chaos that comes along with preparing for
a major event is fixable with meditation. Clearing the mind and establishing a
pattern of relaxation can only help me regain mental focus. Just like anything
else, if this is a goal I set out to achieve, there will be a way to accomplish
it. If all goes well, I will be starting a yoga program upon my return from the
west coast, and I should hope to see my mental clarity return in no time at all.