The Life

I get used to the soreness. I get used to being tired. I get used to showing
up at classes way more often than the average guy. The goal becomes all I can
see, the stakes too high. I’m comfortable with that.

There’s other things I’m used to that come along with the lifestyle. Byproducts
of the competition scene is really what they are. The training ends, and then
the trial becomes the traveling. Scouring websites like fighting
for the best prices for flights, rental cars, and hotel rooms is first. Then
comes trying to find a ride to the airport. Surprisingly, this is tedious after
a time. Anybody who thinks “no problem, my buddy will give me a ride”, hasn’t
flown to Las Vegas 10 times in one year. It gets tougher.

Turbulence, jet lag, poor eating habits, lack of sleep, rental cars, and getting lost due to faulty GPS directions are all just part of the grind. Sometimes the hardest part of the trip is getting to the hotel, getting settled in, and getting adequate sleep. The battle with the nerves we face is one that can go on for days, even weeks. Sometimes the last thing we can think about is our actual fight. Life on the road can get crazy at the times, but at the end of the day its all about the experience!